Saturday, May 19, 2012

Strange Aeons WIP: Graveyard board

Pete Ceretti's Grave Yard WIP
Mr. Pete Ceretti is a busy, busy muffin. Here we see the layout for a Strange Aeons board that uses a few kits and will serve as a good setting for the scenarios Restless Dead, Body Snatchers and The Problem with Dead Things

We'll be meeting tomorrow and probably making an inventory of Lurkers and Threshold models and the terrain efforts from each of our camps.

So far, Pete has a bunch of models already done and probably all we need as far as Threshold goes, though I'll be painting up some Hasslefree martial artists. Pete and Trish have some building kits and cars there are starting into and I have some Lurkers in process. On the terrain front, I'll be working on a hospital that Pete is providing me and I'll be building a converted Maniac doctor and also rehabilitating a 4'x4' water's edge board I completed many years ago that needs repair.

Reaper will be releasing their awesome Tiik warriors soon, which I will buy a handful of for Deep Ones because they are just so bad-assed looking. Seriously, Julie Guthrie, have my babies.

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