Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chicken Pox and Chop Shop

Over the weekend I was slated to play 40K with John and Dave, two guys I know that had just jumped back into the game after a 2 year and 10 year hiatus. Both have large, earlier edition armies.

They both picked up their “new” Nid and Eldar dex's and we were gonna get our thing on as a learning game (which I need very badly.) But my kids had chicken pox and that nixed my participation. Zehr lame. Thanks Nurgle.

So lacking the Saturday game, I retreated back to my table and basically tore apart the Medusa gun I built before and finished it all over again. I really wanted a big ol' Basilisk gunshield on it, but the previous version wouldn't allow the gunshield to fit. I also finished the Punisher turret I started a bit ago, using leftovers from the gunshield I cut apart for the Medusa. I tried to finish my 3 melta hardened vets over the weekend but my jeweler's saw blade broke. It’s like that sometimes.

In other related news, I'm helping the Nid player John figure out a Mycetic spore on the cheap so I picked up a $7 foam gourd from the local craft store. I think it fits the bill in terms of cost and size as a start. I'll add some bitz and a base. Any reactions from the Nid players out there?


Jason said...

The pumpkin idea is creepy but clever. Well played.

Can't wait to see the Punisher on the table. Better get a bucket for all those dice.

Joe Kopena said...

I thought the Medusa looked pretty good before, but the shields really make it pop.

I think the gourd looks good. Maybe a bit big, but it's not a big deal. I would cut the neck off so you get more of a drop pod shape to it, unless you somehow style the neck as a tentacle or something. After that, I think you could texture it up a bit with hot glue streaks and sores or something to fill it out.

Rich said...

Since things are mostly settled with the new house, I was looking at my 40K stuff and thinking, 'Damn! I really need to get this stuff painted!' I started looking for single-action airbrush guns -- I know double-action is "better", but I've never airbrushed before and I'm looking for it to do the base and bulk colors while I hand paint the finer details. Any suggestions?